This working research site has been published to share knowledge of the Cox and Lafferty families who came together in the vicinity of Uvalde County, Texas, in the mid 1800s.  Biographies of the major ‘players’ in this saga have clues that lead backward like stepping stones into the past.  As the story of old Lorenzo Dow Lafferty (called the “Rover”) unfolds, we find that he abandons his home in Arkansas and ultimately has a second family in Texas.  His youngest son, John Henry Lafferty, apparently is with old Lorenzo at the end of his life — and we find them selling mustangs in Atascosa County in 1878, and homesteading 160 acres in Uvalde County about 1879.

Nothing is known (yet) about the mother of John Henry and his siblings.  Likely, she was killed in the Comanche raid on their Pendencia Creek ranch in August 1860 when young John Henry was only about 7 months old.  Somewhere in the travels of old Lorenzo, there will be a clue.

Old Lorenzo’s children are named in a document filed in Uvalde, Texas — and agreement between he and Jesse Cox regarding caring for his stock.  Mary, Burr, James, Leon, and John Henry.

Major Contributors to the Story:
Debrah Modrall, Norma Martin, Doyleen Cissy Routh
Renee Pierce Smelley, Mary Lafferty Wilson
Lucy Fagan, Randall Ross

Material has been compiled from several sources, both personal family records/traditions and published data.  Although the site bears a Fagan-Lafferty Press copyright, that is meant for the site design only.  Content has been sourced everywhere possible — and all content is considered to be the intellectual property of the contributor.  In the event that materials have been incorrectly sourced, please notify us by email and we will correct it.