Hugh Cox

November 23, 2008

Born 10 January 1836 in Richland, Crawford Co, AR
Died 30 December 1915 in Carlsbad, Tom Green Co, TX
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Was a Texas Ranger August-December 1871
Married Sarah Margaret Turnbough on 17 February 1859 in Fannin Co, TX
They were the parents of Maggie Cox, wife of John Henry Lafferty

Father and Son

November 13, 2008

Look alikes

Look alikes -- two "mustangers" from Texas

Old Lorenzo in the etching on the left, from A.H. Abney’s “Rover” book published in 1875 in New York.

John Henry Lafferty on the right.  Cropped from photograph, supplied by Ben Lafferty of Leander, Texas, was likely made in 1892 (judging from the ages of children in the whole photo).  John Henry would have been only 33 years old at the time.

This man appears to be much older than 33 years.  Children in the photo (named and dated by Ben Lafferty) seem to be in the correct order and of the correct age.  This would likely have been made prior to the Maples murder by Jim Lafferty on the Dry Frio River at Reagan Wells.

To see the full sized image of the photo on the right click here.  We believe the children (L to R) are Alex, Leonora, Roxie Ann, Sarah (on Maggie’s lap) and young Lorenzo.  Maggie would likely be pregnant with James Franklin, making the photo date just prior to February 14, 1892.

Fort Clark

November 13, 2008

Such an appropriate statue for this area of the country

Such an appropriate statue for this area of the country