“The Rover”
Life and Adventures of L.D. Lafferty

by A. H. Abney
“A series of wonderful adventures in Texas on a very slender historic basis.”–C. W. Raines, A bibliography of Texas, 1896.
···This particular work has been extremely detrimental to the actual research of Lorenzo Dow Lafferty (called the “old Rover”), as it is historically incorrect in so many instances.  Abney, a retired Texas Judge, says that he met Lafferty in 1869 in Atascosa County and that the story was related to him by Lafferty.  He also notes that he uses Yoakum’s History of Texas to corroborate ‘facts’.  In many instances there are seeds of truth in The Rover book, but more often than not — it’s fiction.  A sensationalist ‘dime novel’ that was likely published for personal monetary gain and not to relate any real facts.  Still … it’s colorful and interesting.  (Available in GoogleBooks)

Early History of Uvalde and Surrounding Territory
by Florence Anthon

Texas Indian Fighters
by Andrew Jackson Sowell

Pioneer Days in the Breaks of the Balcones
by Allan A. Stovall

The Texas Rangers: Volume 1   Wearing the Cinco Peso, 1821-1900
by Mike Cox

Frontier Texas: History of a Borderland to 1880
by Robert F. Pace and Donald S. Frazier

Texas after the Civil War: The Struggle of Reconstruction
by Carl H. Moneyhon

Black Cowboys of Texas
Edited by Sara R. Massey
The story about Robert Lemmons is especially noteworth.  Freed slave and friend of the Levi English family, he was a noted “mustanger” and prosperous rancher in the Uvalde, Frio and Atascosa County area.