Happy Memories

The only naked picture you will every see of me.

Chiquita and me on the front porch in San Antonio

Steve Turco turns 50 in Freemont, Michigan

Third grade coronation at Presbyterian Day School in Victoria, Texas. Me and Nelson [Hank] Fox

Paper Kite butterflies like Pheremone perfume at Calloway Gardens

With Debra, Lea and Merci at the Renaissance Festival in Atlanta

Two Sylvias...Sylvia Cordelia Rogers Caldwell and Sylvia Dow Caldwell Rankin. My little 'Choctaw' grandmother in Abilene, Texas.

Ron's promotion to LTC at Ft McPherson, Georgia

My beloved friend Debra and me in Santa Fe. Thanksgiving 1996

Arthur W. Spellmeyer III with Robin and me...members of "Wet Wool" (the band)

My brother and me on his front porch (coming home from Hawaii)

This was my favorite Halloween costume! (party in Hawaii at Schofield Barracks OOM)

Rockers: Me and Holly Merrill

Maggie the WonderDog with her herd of flamingos

Maggie likes to sleep with 'Mommie'

With cousin Stephen...being domestic in Santa Fe...and crossing the Mississippi