ca. 1915?
Rogers/Hoggard family gathering near Byars, OK
(1)GB and his wife (2)Bessie, (3)Elmer, (4)Effie, (5)Sylvia, (6)Ruby, (7)Nell, (8)Bonnie, and (10)Bertram.

ca. summer 1916?
Cynthia Hoggard Rogers and her children
Empty chair for Silas Green Rogers who died in 1898?, Cynthia Jane Hoggard Rogers, empty chair for William Green Rogers who died in 1989?, John Zachariah Rogers, unknown, George Bertram Rogers, empty chair for ??, Lillie Dale Rogers, unknown.
Missing from this picture or unidentified are the following children of Silas and Cynthia: William Green, Albert King, Silas G (Buck), and James Hampton.

ca. summer 1916?
Cynthia with her children, their spouses and her grandchildren
(1)John Z, (2)Granny Cynthia, (3)Lillie Dale, (4)GB and his wife (5)Bessie Fremont Rodgers Rogers, (6)Elmer and his new wife (13)Maida Goldman, (7)Effie Mae, (8)Mabel, (9)Sylvia Cordelia, (10)Nellie Inez, (11)Bonnie Blue, and (12)little Bertram.