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Silas Green Rogers Book

Page 1
Now I Bleave this to be my Grat Grand Father your Grat – Grat Grand Father.
As I have heard daddy talk about him being in the Rangers and grand Father
riding with him. Now his children I don’t no how they were in age.
Henry Rogers. One of his girls lives hear in Altus name Stanton. Drew
Rogers lived at Olney texas in 1919.
Aunt Duck a daughter married to Calay gibbs also lived at Olney Texas
John Rogers lived at Gram texas
Dindy Rogers marred to a Rankins
her Boy lives at Elmore City

Page 2
he came to our Geathern he was about 80 years old.
Dock Rogers lived at Duncan Okla.
died in nov of 1926. We went to his Funel baried at Duncan
Silas Rogers Borned in 1846
My grand dad your Grat Grand dad.  died in 1898
barried at Lexington Okla
I have been to he Grave
it has a tombstone it
is eady Found. Right at
the Gate
(now in 1919 Dadie and I went to texas to visit those old
rnches. they were very woley oned lots of land. Uncleu
Coley Gibs Said he bought
1/2 Sec. of land and Paid for it with Pole cat, and oposson
hids him and his old hond
dog. he Said he got  .50 cents
For Pole Cats hids and.  25 cents
For oposom hids.
Paid  .50 a acre For land
So you see it could be
Silas Rogers Faimley my Grand
Dad Farmley
Silas Gean Rogers Born ?
Died ?
2. children Peary and Betty?
Albert King Rogers my Dad
maried to Anie Fletcher
July 4, 1894 at St. Jo. texas
children. Gertie married to Wiley teel in 1911, died in
1919  Beared at Katie, Okla.
Arthur Rogers Born 1898
at healton St.

Page 4
Jossie. Rogers marrid Roy Smithey
livis at Marlow
Jessie Rogers mared to
Jewel Williams
lives at marlow.
Ernest Rogers married
May Willims lives at
Duncan, Okla.
Owen Rogers married to
Cora Stinnett lives at
Dallas texas
Jim Rogers (Then written in red ink 102 died small)
John Rogers (Then written in red ink – ?)
Dale Rogers marid Emmer Yocam had one child only
lived to be about 5. or 6 –
yeas lold

Page 5
Now a long time a go I talded to a Dr. Robison wife that
lived at Brady Okla
She Sahd that She had the
Rogers history that they
came a cross From Irland.
along time be Fore then and
that they were 2 Bro- and
they had a Falling out and one left the .D. out of his name I ame
to go back and talk to her
more by didint ever go.
now us beng part Inden we
are     dadie and the others
tryed to get a lotment For them
but the tribe had a treaty a while before that and they
diden get a lotment So they Just dropt it. And I dont no the tribe

Page 6
now I have a little Book
that i give to my duaghter
she wouldent
take any thing For it.
It is a dire of uncle Grean
and Daddy.  it has lots of righing in what they did
Your Grand dad name is meachen in it Several
times it starts in 1880 and
goes to a bou 1890.

now as For grand mother
Side the Haggards Some off
uncle Jims are John children
Could tell you a lot more abou
thim then I can.
now as Fore Frank Banty and
grand mother when

Page 7
they got to old to Keep
house and the Boys had
to take care of thim
(Written in red)
Daddy uncle Jim and John
Bought him a ticket and
Sing him to his Boys in
new mexico

Sept the 6 1882 (he would have been 35 years old)

Page 1
S. G. Rogers Book
Miss Fannie

Page 2
Emory work for S. G. Rogers on the 14 September

Page 3
Williams Vestes Williams
Bass gray ran bale.
Aug the 11
Dear urnkley (?) got home the Friday. S. F. Rogers (4X)

Page 4
This is S. G. Rogers’ Book
Cook by Estes St Joe 775 W. Silas G. Rogers

Page 5
tripes  30.    went 5 times

Page 6
Blake oats. 4.   Barn 3    Bushel  3
Feb Fletcher three dollars fifty cents
Due S. G. Rogers
Bob Cole due S. G. Rogers five dollars  5
Borde money from S. G. Rogers

Page 7
S. G. Rogers
Bales  2
4                414
5                     10
6                4140

Page 8
John ________. Rente cotten. 492.  974
Two Bales.  14
A. K. Rogers was born Feb. 11, 1881
1870 Silas G. Rogers
S. G. Rogers
A.K. Rogers

Page 9
Henry Williams
Wheat.  bushels  5
work days. 2
corn bushel 1
Five dollars.  5

Page 10
1 student for 4 months – John W. Hoover
1 student for 4 months – C. J. Fletcher
J.A. Rice  1
Gould  2
Bruce. 1
Wm Hoggard 1
S. G. Rogers.  1
Box. 1
Yong. 1

Page 11
A. K. Rogers
(mathematical calculations)