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Bailey Family Friendship Quilt Photos

In 1998, I got a email:

Hi Sylvia, I’m doing gen research on my grandmother Edith Bailey/Riggle. She past away in 1976 and left behind a friendship quilt that is around 70 years old or more. She was from Butler and I’m assuming that the ladies who put it together were too. Several names on the quilt have the last name of Caldwell. I was wondering if you know any of these ladies and if by chance they were still living they would remember any of the Bailey’s of Custer County. The names are Audrey, Ermina, Evelyn and Ethel. I know it’s a long shot, if the quilt does have any relation to you I can send you a picture.
Thank You
Leslie Smith mse5@lodinet.com

I responded asking her for the names on the quilt, and this is what she sent:

Thanks for the information. It is looking like finding the Bailey line might be possible after all. As I told you I have almost nothing in this family line. Here are the names on the quilt:

L. E. Pearce
Flora Pearce
Audrey Caldwell
Ermina Caldwell
Evelyn Caldwell
Ethel Caldwell … Ethel Irene Wood married to Frank Caldwell.
Joy Hartsfield
Olive Aaron
E.E. Aaron
Mrs. Troy Sturgeon
Mrs. Bob Stults
Mrs. H. W. Laws
Mrs. J. W. Laws
E. I. Bailey
Johaire Aaron
One we can’t read we think it’s Aaron