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This is a collection of websites or social media links to information regarding lateral and allied family research.  If you have pertinent links that may aid other researchers, we will be pleased to list them here.

Cauble-Rotan History & Genealogy
A chronicle of the life and times of Peter Cauble, Sr and Mary Ann  Rotan, their descendants and allied families.
Go to:  Cauble-Rotan.org

The Texas Cauble Family Association
A Facebook page for Cauble family researchers and members of the TCFA.
Go to:  Facebook

Other research collections by Sylvia Rankin:

Mesquite Landing
A historic landing place where the San Antonio and Guadalupe Rivers merged.
Go to: Mesquite Landing

Betsy Carlos
The story of allied Black, Tejano, Scots and Irish families on the old San Antonio River Road near Victoria, Texas.
Go to: Betsy Carlos

The Old Rover
The incredible life and adventures of L.D. Lafferty, both truth and fiction.
Go to: The Old Rover

Lucy Fagan: A Personal Blog
The personal blog of Sylvia Rankin, written under the pen name of Lucy Fagan.
Go to: LucyFagan.com