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Archives of Photos, Stories and More

  • A selection of old photos of the OC and Mary DuBois Matthews family, collection of Hil Matthews.
  • Family History Map (Google)
  • Obituary (and more) of Peter Henry Fagan (1843-1929), transcribed from The Victoria Advocate
  • The Mystery of Eda Rodgers
  • The disappearance of Adam David Rodgers somewhere in Oklahoma.
  • George W. Wood: Christmas at Mossy Creek is the story of Wood and McCleskey men of Russell’s 4th Alabama Cavalry during the Civil War.
  • Excerpt from email to kin regarding Ellen Fox Fagan (1826 Ireland – 1903 Texas)
  • Obituary of Catherine Fagan (ca 1800 Germany – 1856 Refugio County, TX), as published in The Texian Advocate on July 5, 1856. Newspaper in possession of S.C. Rankin.
  • Estate Papers of Sharud (Sherwood) James photographed at the Georgia Archives by SCR
  • See Family on a Porch  and Family on a Porch II which may be the last photos made of Silas Rogers with his family
  • Wood sisters reunion in Amarillo, Texas after 36 years.
  • Letter from Ethel Wood Caldwell on the marriage of her son.
  • A family history story of how our Great Aunt Katie Caldwell Windsor got “A Rug for Biscuits” is a collaborative effort by SCR and cousin Jim Windsor. It is being published in the Cauble Family Newsletter, edited and produced by Julia Cauble Smith in Midland, TX.
  • Read the family manuscript “Nicholas Fagan, Texas Patriot” by Mrs. Tom O’Connor, Sr., 1958. This document was graciously provided by my kin, Harold Johnston, who is a descendant of Nicholas Fagan.
  • Another document provided by Harold Johnston is Reminiscences of Annie Fagan Teal [1814 Ireland – 1897 Texas), daughter of Nicholas Fagan and  Katherine Connally, and wife of Peter Teal.  This is a wealth of first-hand information on the family of Nicholas Fagan.
  • The DuBois Photo Collection: Descendants of “Tian”and Martha (Campbell) DuBois, made possible by Donna Warren, who copied these images from the album in possession of the great-great grandaughter of Tian and Martha. Note–this is a ‘work in progress’.
  • A special tribute to my dear cousin Cordelia Snell Holem, descended from Effie Mae Rogers and Robert Bruce Snell.
  • Read Wood Family Papers & Letters copied by Marjorie Scott Ashley, descendant of Robert Capel Wood and Martha Matilda McCleskey. [Marjorie has kindly given permission to share this document and post it online.] Note: This is an 86 page PDF file.
  • An old tintype of Allison Caldwell made during the Civil War. The tintype was made available by Jessie Lu Osburn, grandaughter of Allison Caldwell.
  • A wooden puzzle carved by George Washington Wood
  • Get the recipe for Aunt Birdie’s ‘Pinto Bean Pie‘ – a New Mexico delicacy!
  • Photograph of the Allison Caldwell family taken in Texas?
  • A photo archive of Hoggard/Rogers family in Oklahoma
  • Photograph of the family of Silas Green Rogers and Cynthia Jane Hoggard in Oklahoma
  • A few Happy Memories and some good friends along life’s highway.
  • Joey: Peace at last.
  • A little snapshot of my father, his sister and cousins in the Oklahoma oil fields (near or in Wirt/Ragtown) about 1930
  • Photos: George Washington Wood and Jessie Loucinda Cauble
  • Photos: Andrew Franklin Caldwell and Ethel Irene Wood

“The Letters”
Images, transcription, translation and analysis. These letters were sent to me by Cindi Barnes of Colorado, and subsequently–the original letters from Allison Caldwell were given to me by Genevieve Helms. See notes from Cindi about her source for the letters and photographs.

Circa 1860: From Allison Caldwell to Sharod Caldwell
Circa 1870:  From Allison Caldwell to James P Mullins
11 Sept 1895:  From Selena Reid to Rachel Caldwell
15 July 1896:  From Selena Reid to Rachel Caldwell
20 Aug 1896:  From Selena Reid to Rachel Caldwell
1897:  From Gilla Godfrey to Rachel Caldwell
Photos:  Putting faces with names