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Surname Files

The vital statistics are listed herein, but it’s not just about who begat whom.  It’s about where they lived, how they worshipped, and what their livelihood was.  I have tried to collect information on where these folks lived and the histories of those communities.  It was important for me to find out why they moved to certain places, and then what made them leave later on.  Not only was information collected on the war records of the menfolk — but their units and campaigns have been researched.  And there’s considerable data on what life was like for the women left at home during times of conflict.

Most of these families originated in Ireland or France.  Some originated in America, as Cherokee and Choctaw.  Most all lived ultimately in the South.

James and Annie Fagan
Circa 1740.  Originating in Ireland
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Research notes of interest:  John Fagan

James McCleskey and Isabella Rhea
Circa 1755.  Originating in Scotland
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William W. Caldwell and Elizabeth James
Circa 1790.  Originating in County Antrim, Ireland
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Research notes of interest:  William Caldwell

John Sandlin
Circa 1710.  Originating in North Carolina
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Ferdinand Bailey
Circa 1780.   Originating in South Carolina
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Research notes of interest:  
John Calvin Bailey & Henrietta West

Robert Fulton and Catherine Sparburn
Circa 1720.  Originating in New Jersey
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William Jackson Rogers and Mary Ann McClain
Circa 1819.  Originating in Cherokee Nation (near Red Clay)
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Research notes of interest:  Silas Green Rogers

Pierre Vincencio DuBois and Jeanne DeBlanc 
Circa 1750.  Originating in Vanne En Bretagne, France
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Nicholas Clark and Catherine Quinter
Circa 1710.  Originating in Ireland.
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John Wood and Story Lord
Circa 1750.  Originating in England
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Captain James Fletcher
Circa 1757.  Originating in Choctaw Nation (Mississippi)
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John Rodgers and Nancy
Circa 1800.  Originating in Cherokee Nation (near Red Clay)
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Adam Starr and Hannah Roupe
Circa 1799.  Originating in Virginia
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John James and Elizabeth Bayse
Circa 1750.  Originating in Virginia
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Research notes of interest:  Sherad James