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Cordelia Freeman Snell Holem

19 September 1926/LaMesa, Dawson Co, TX – 12 May 2001/Austin, Travis Co, TX

Cordelia was my ‘1st cousin once removed’, but I somehow never knew her until the summer of 1999 when I found her through the Internet. After exchanging only a few [quite long] phone calls and a bazillion emails through a friend’s computer [Cordelia was not emaiLiterate then], I invited myself for a visit in Kansas. She had the darndest time keeping me temporarily at bay while she was in the process of moving to Austin, but we both decided that a visit would be more profitable for us if we could have it partially at The Texas Archives and partially in her new Texas digs. That visit was a turning point in my life. She was funny and caustic, entertaining and comfortable, provacative and witty. I told Cordelia that I wished the stork had dropped me into her basket.

Some of my favorite quotes in Cordelia’s email,
copied verbatum with typos and all!

· “If this reaches you , I’ll believe all pigs can fly, in mental telepathy, and possib;y my ability to handle e-mail.”

January 1, 1999 upon getting her own email account


“I have establish rapport with several doctors, made downpayments on their Porches and today found them professional, personable, and etrememly competent, I hope, becxause I want to hang around long enough to get all the l;oose end bound up.”

June 10, 1999 upon getting settled in Austin


“Good thing proper nouns are not allowed on a Scrabble board or my face would have been redder than an orangutang posterior.”

June 12, 1999 upon getting my email chiding a Scrabble Champ for misspelling Porsche!


· “And for sure we shall have some pickled beets on the table for ye, when ye arrive, Love! And a bit of fried okra and some cornbread with crust and jelly and what else would ye be liking?. [signed] Pacho Holem”

July 1, 1999 announcement of the menu planned for my arrival in Austin to visit


· “If at first you don’t succeed, don’t take up sky diving.”

July 3, 1999


· “Never give up, never give up, never, never, never give up—if you are a genealogist.”

September 29, 1999


I imagine that Cordelia would be somewhat amused at this Virtual Tribute to her in cyber space, especially the photo-poke at our political differences [below]. I have had many emails from those who have been here to visit, and each one has shared something special in their connection with Cordelia. On July 6, 2001 there was a memorial for her. Kate brought the urn from the mantle in Austin back to Eldorado, Kansas, so friends could say ‘good-bye’ before Cordelia went to be with Russ. Judy Strain, long time friend of Cordelia, gave the eulogy, and through the mystic powers of the Internet (and by the Grace of Judy), it is published here. I can just hear Cordelia making some humorous remark referring to this as some sort of “Ode to Cordelia” online. This song of Judy’s will make you smile and even laugh at the joy in Cordelia’s life!

EULOGY: By Judy Strain

Special photographs of Cordelia’s ashes being scattered by distant cousins in the land of her ancestors–Campbelltown, Kintyre, Scotland.

SCOTLAND: Home Again!

I still believe that Cordelia (on the right) made up most of the words she used.

Genealogy on the sidewalk outside the Texas Archives.

It says that our ancestors were on the Adjutant General’s Fugitive List for stealing horses!

How are we going to explain this to the others?

Grandpa Rogers always said they had a big horse farm!

Aha! Here they are in the Oklahoma census. Must have gotten a little hot for them in Texas.

Sylvia and Cordelia, fashionably dressed for research — and hard at work.

[Sylvia has finally gone to the microfilm reader, so I can sneak in some Snell research while she is not watching me.]