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James Family Cemetery

Name:  Comments on headstone / Death Date

		Mrs Martha Harriet James:   Consort of John James    age 32    10.8.1840 
		Theophilus H James:   1 year 25 days   7.4.1840 
		Sharud James:  in the 76th year of his age    9.19.1852 
		Leodica James:   in the 72nd year of her age    11.11.1850 
		Nancy S James:   no dates   
		Alice E James:   no dates   
		Phelix A James:   no dates   
		Monroe Reid:   no dates   
		Narcissa Reid:   no dates   
		Vernon Reid:   no dates   
		Rhoda James:   Born 8.20.1839    7.15.1916 
		W. W. James:   Born 8.8.1837   3.17.1921

“There are an undetermined amount of unidentified grave sites and includes some Native Americans as told by W. W. Cagle. This is an almost forgotten cemetery and is in dire need of clean-up by some interested party. Enumerated on 8/26/1994 by Gene E Teague. This old abandoned cemetery is located on old State Route #5 between Jasper and Talking Rock near the Wendell Cagle home.”

**From the book Cemeteries of Pickens County, Georgia by Gene E Teague

Others who are most certainly buried in unmarked graves in this cemetery are:
Elizabeth James Caldwell (22 April 1799 SC – 28 April 1873 Talking Rock, Pickens Co, GA)
Frances Ann Bailey Caldwell (13 Mar 1841 Cherokee Co, GA – 28 Sep 1869 Talking Rock, Pickens Co, GA)
Luster B Caldwell (07 Jan 1860 Talking Rock, Pickens Co, GA – 07 June 1879 Talking Rock, Pickens Co, GA)