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Research Notes: Henrietta West

Hickory Grove Cemetery notes (Arkansas)
Bailey Arlie Lee 2-22-1901 2-28-1988 Leek-Drake D/O James W. & Mabel M. SS# 429-09-2579
Bailey B.G. 1859 1925 Holly Springs H/O Nancy E. Bailey
Bailey Buford L. MD 1-14-1872 8-5-1952 Leek-Drake H/O Nettie S.
Bailey Catherine 1-10-1889 1-15-1973 Union SS# 429-94-2742
Bailey Dillard 1-30-1887 1-14-1904 Holly Springs None
Bailey Emmet Young 5-1-1875 7-22-1878 Mt. Zion Presby. S/O John Marion & Frances Cameron Bailey
Bailey Fannie H. 1883 1964 Holly Springs W/O Jessie D. Bailey
Bailey Frances E. 1857 10-1-1895 Hickory Grove W/O John M. Nee-Cameron
Bailey Garland 1904 1941 Holly Springs None
Bailey George Albert 6-26-1860 12-17-1902 Hickory Grove S/O John C. & Henrietta Mullinex Bailey. Twin to Charles L. Bailey.
**Bailey Henrietta 5-16-1924 1-4-1895 Hickory Grove W/O John C.**
Bailey James W. 1-24-1879 5-20-1950 Leek-Drake H/O Lettie M. & Mabel Matthews
Bailey James Wallin 12-4-1914 7-2-1990 Leek-Drake
Bailey Jay A. 3-17-1879 7-1-1931 Hickory Grove S/O John Marion & Frances Cameron Bailey
Bailey Jessie D. 1881 1957 Holly Springs H/O Fannie H.
Bailey John C. 7-25-1816 9-25-1903 Hickory Grove H/O Henrietta Mullinax.
Bailey John Marion 4-28-1852 6-13-1927 Hickory Grove S/O John C. & Henrietta Bailey H/O Frances
Bailey Lettie M. 8-25-1889 7-5-1974 Leek-Drake W/O James W. (2nd) SS# 430-19-5265
Bailey Mabel Matthews*** 11-15-1884 12-17-1903 Jones 1st W/O James W. & D/O J.B.Jr & Alice Matthews
Bailey Mary Heflin 12-16-1900 1-9-1940 Heflin-HB None
Bailey Mary Jane 1870 1925 Hickory Grove W/O Thomas J. Nee-Russell
Bailey Melissa 10-2-1875 7-22-1954 Holly Springs None
Bailey Milton Autrey 9-12-1897 9-28-1902 Hickory Grove S/O Thomas Jefferson & Mary Jane Bailey
Bailey Nancy E. 5-19-1863 5-9-1896 Holly Springs W/O B.G. Bailey
Bailey Nettie S. 2-16-1872 3-19-1947 Leek-Drake W/O Buford L.
Bailey Sarah Janie 9-6-1888 12-17-1978 Hickory Grove SS# 429-94-3263
Bailey Thomas Jefferson 9-29-1866 3-4-1939 Hickory Grove H/O (1) Mary Jane (2) Irene. S/O John C. & Henrietta Mullinex Bailey
Bailey* Henry, Jr. 5-20-1891 2-1975 Union *US Army WWI. SS# 431-01-3864
Bailey* Michael W. 1-1-1949 1-29-1969 Hickory Grove *Vietnam SS# 431-96-0993
Posted by Doris:
John C. Bailey married widow Henrietta Mullinax, “a widow with several small daughters” in Cherokee County, GA in 1851. Two daughters were Rachel E. and Sarah Jane. Lived in Georgia early 1850s to 1865. Were in Spring Place, Murray Co, GA
Looking for parents or family of my ggg grandmother Henrietta “Ritta” West Mullinax Bailey. Some sources have listed her father as Eber West SC and brother as Perry West born 1808 SC. Also looking for her birthplace and record of first marriage to William Martin Mullinax. Henrietta was living in Pickens County, GA circa 1839 – 1867 after which she and her family moved to Arkansas.

Any clues or leads would be most welcome,
Diane Yarbrough in Dallas, Texas  mldyarb@aol.com

Henrietta West
B 16 May 1824 SC
D 04 Jan 1895 AR

William Martin Mullinax
B 1823 Lincoln, NC
D 1854 Talking Rock,Pickens,GA
M 1839-1843 Gilmer, GA
Amanda E. B 1846 GA
Mary Ann B 1848 GA
Rachel Edie B 1849 GA
Sarah Jane B 1850 GA

John Calvin Bailey
B 1816 GA
D 1903 AR
M 1851 Cherokee, GA OR 21 Jun 1857 Pickens, GA
Melvina Bailey B 1845 (From John’s 1st marriage)
John Marion B 1852 GA
Elizabeth Permiela B 1855 GA
Samantha A. B 1858 GA
George Albert B 1860 GA
Charles L. B 1860 GA
Americas A. B 1863 GA
Thomas Jefferson B 1866 GA