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Research Notes: John Fagan

CENSUS YR:  1850  … STATE or TERRITORY:  TX … COUNTY:  Victoria  
REEL NO:  916  PAGE NO:  248b
REFERENCE:  Sept 13, 1850 A.W. Hicks

 1   309  309 Fagan          John           27   M         Farmer         1,000     M.o*

                   REMARKS:  *Missouri

 2   309  309 Fagan          Elin           24   F                                  Indiana
 3   309  309 Fagan          Mary           6    F                                  Texas
 4   309  309 Fagan          Peter          4    M                                  Texas
 5   309  309 Fagan          Elizabeth      1    F                                  Texas


Republic of Texas Claimant
Claimant Name Type Claim Number   Name Mentioned   Reel   First   Last 
Fagan, John AU 7132    30  413  418 
Fagan, Nicholas AU 1337    30  419  425 
Fagan, Nicholas AU 1361    30  426  428 
Fagan, Nicholas PD Cert. 1466    152  276  278 


Audited Claims (1835-1846)
Claims that were submitted to the Comptroller or Treasurer of the Republic, that were audited and approved (or allowed) and paid by that government during the Republic Period are considered Audited Claims. The series includes both civil and military claims. The services and the payments for these services date between 1835 and 1846. Republic-era claims that were not paid until after Annexation are included in Public Debt Claims described below. More information about the requirements for submitting claims to the Republic government may be found on the Laws About Republic Claims page. 


Public Debt Claims (1848-ca. 1860)
Claims for services or goods provided between 1835 and 1846 that could not be paid before Annexation in 1845 were eventually paid as Public Debt Claims, mainly from the 1850 Boundary Compromise money awarded Texas in exchange for the territory it lost. The chief difference-apart from the payment date-between the Audited and Public Debt Claims is that many of the claims were settled by issuing one voucher to cover the separate claims of a large number of persons who had performed the same service. For example, Public Debt voucher 1634 covers payment for “Balance of Pay for Service as Minute Man in 1841.” The voucher pays the debt described in certificates #3396 (John Anderson) through #3569 (Patrick Quinn)–173 certificates. The voucher and the entry in the Public Debt Warrant Register are in the name of the first certificate issued: John Anderson. All the information regarding the 173 men and their service as Minute Men, as well as documentation of attorneys and heirs, will be found in this one record. Additional information on the laws relating to Public Debt may be found on the Laws About Republic Claims page.


Captain Ira Westover’s Company:

[Consisting primarly of Irish volunteers from Refugio and San Patricio]
Second Lieutenant Lewis W. Gates, Sergeants Wm. S. Brown, George McKnight and John McGloin, Privates Augustus Baker, Mathew Byrne, John Cross, John Fagan, Wm. Harris, John Kelly, Dennis McGowan, Patrick Nevin, Thomas Quirk, Edmund Ryan, Thomas Smith, E. J. A. Greynolds, Daniel Buckley, Marion Betts, G. W. Goglan, Matthew Eddy, Robert English, John Gleeson, Wm. Hatfield, John Hilchard, Charles Jenson, Wm. Mann, John Numlin, Stephen Pierce, Sidney Smith, Daniel Syers, Lewis Shotts, Charles Stewart, Joseph W. Watson, James Webb, William Winningham, Antonio Siley and John James.


In Refugio, the number of slaves wasn’t great. In 1863 a total of 223 were recorded to be owned by Irishmen who were beginning to prosper.Most slaves were bought in Louisiana or traded and they adopted the names of their owners. The first slave record dated March 24, 1851 shows: John Fagan, Jeremiah & Robert Driscoll, John O’Brien, Thomas O’Connor (who owned the most with fourteen), James Power Jr., C. Powers, and J.H. Wood. Many slaves did find freedom when they ran away into Mexico. Patrol districts were formed in the area to monitor for any runaway slaves. 

Lamar Cemetery, Aransas Co TX
Fagan, John 1835 1836 Soldier TX War Goliad (marker for State)
Fagan, John 1820 1860 TX Soldier 1836
Died of pneumonia (along with daughter Mary)

About St. Louis, MO
During the 1800s, many people traveled through St. Louis on their journey west. Some lingered for only a day or two, others stayed long enough to record a document, and still others terminated their journey in St. Louis. This database was compiled by members of the St. Louis Genealogical Society and was based on records in the St. Louis City Hall. The data includes more than 150,00 entries, covering almost 77,000 marriages. Each entry includes the surname and the given name(s) of each spouse, the date of the marriage, and a volume and page reference. The records begin in 1804, when St. Louis was part of the Louisiana Purchase, progress through Missouri statehood in 1821, and conclude in 1876, when the city of St. Louis became an independent city and separated itself from the county of St. Louis. 

  • Researching:  If Nicholas and Katherine came to America in 1816, the first census where they would be listed would be 1820.  But they may have been living in St. Louis, Missouri then?  And MO became a state in 1821 — no census until 1830.
  • Listed as owning one slave in 1863??  Belonged to Mrs. John Fagan after his death?

December the 2nd, 1837

Know all men by these presents the last will and testamony  of John Williams – I will and bequeath my headright to John Fagan – I will my claim durin war to Peter Teal – I will and bequeath 99$ dollars Scrip I left with Mr. Turner and 20$ dollars I lent to Thomas Western and 10$ dollars to Mr. Bursh to Peter Teal – I ow Tornton 5$ for a gun 5$ he lent me 6$ to Martin Power for a jackett – 3$ to Aldtere [Aldrete] 1$ to Thomas Heys [Hays] which I leave Peter Teal to pay for me – This will is not to be opened for one month. 

John Williams 

Executors:  N. Fagan and Thomas O’Connor. 

Walter Lambert and John Williams
Witnesses Present.

Republic of Texas   }
County of Refugio.  }

The foregoing will was duly proven on this the 26th day of August 1839 after due notice &c and the Clerk of the Probate court is ordered to register the —
James C. Allen
Judge of the Probate