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Research Notes: Sherad James

Sharud/Sharod/Sherad — a bastardization of the name Sherwood

1810 SC Census: Sharud James Union County 233

1840 Georgia Census: Sharod James GILM 011 NO Twp L 

Get a copy of his will from Gilmer county. (Found estate probate papers in Georgia State Archives.)  Was he a Justice of Peace in Pickens County for 10 years??

1800 SC Census:
Shearod James…York Co 00100-10100-00
Edmund James…York Co 10200-00000-00
Shered James…Union Dist 31010-10010-00
Drury James…Union Dist 10100-10000-00
Sherod James…Clairmont Co 20010-20100-17
Telefan James…Clairmont Co 10010-20100-13
W. James…Clairmont Co 00111-10000-03
William James…Clairmont Co 20010-00100-18
William James…Clairmont Co 00100-00000-00
John James…York Co 00010-00100-01

wm-10 wm10-16 wm16-26 wm 26-45 wm+45
same for females in next column
other free persons (and) slaves

Annals of Southwest VA 1769-1800 (Summers)
“Wythe County
14 Mar 1797: Sherrod James and Thomas Galloway appointed overseers of the road.”
John and William James lived in Washington Co 1780.

Wythe Co, VA Will Books 1790-1822:
Sherod James inventoried and appraised estates 1794, 1797, 1803, 1804,

1810 SC Census:
“James, Sharud Capt.” York 271 Also John James, Wm James 270
Sherod James Union 233, Also Drury James 245, John James 233

1820 SC Census:
*Shered James- York,
All family members are correct — one extra woman over 45 years
States he is a silversmith
Betsy is NOT living with the family
*Sherwood James-in Union

1830 SC Census:
Shared Union 202, Sherod James Esq and Sherod James Jr in York 369
Also–Elizabeth James in Pickens 279

Shearwood James (1775-9/14/1852) was Gin Maker in 1830 York. Also renowned silversmith.
Notes from Barbara Walker indicated birth in Farquier County, VA … who knows??  Her “research” is notoriously and consistently wrong.
Did he give land for Antioch Baptist Church in Blacksburg, SC?

1850 Gilmer County Slave Schedule:
Sherad James Sr has one 5 yr female black, one 22 yr female black, and one 30 yr male mulatto